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We owe our existence to our Delhi Airport Transfer Service. But times have changed, and we have changed, since 1994. We built our reputation by "being there" for first arrivals, and we are still here for you. But the truth is, the prepaid taxi services at both the International and Domestic terminals are much improved, and the feeding frenzy of taxi wallahs awaiting you has died away. The other truth is -- we loose money on airport transfers alone. It's not smart to continue to offer services that loose money. So we tell you truthfully: You can safely use the prepaid booth at the airport and it will be cheaper than hiring us. We have discontinued airport transfers as a stand alone service and we have updated the website to reflect this new developement. You can also use services like Ola or Uber in Delhi, just like in any other real city!

If you are fascinated by ancient history, read on to understand how Namaste India Tours got in to business.

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Why do travelers to India use our service?
Because it is a lot less hassle than stepping out into the feeding frenzy of taxi wallahs awaiting you at the exit of the terminal!

First time travelers to India are understandably apprehensive. They've read the guide books, posted to travel bulletin boards, gathered advice and heard about all the scams. What a relief to know that when you step off the plane, someone will be waiting to greet you and take you to the hotel of YOUR choice at a price you agreed upon before you even left home. Trust us, you are no match for India's touts or counter clerks when you've arrived in the middle of the night, jet lagged and culture-shocked. There's plenty of time to hone your bargaining skill and powers of perception. Why dive in your first night??
(Veteran travelers love to use us too, because we are dependable and, well, quite frankly, to know us is to love us!)

What can we do for you?
We can start you off on the right foot.

For Rs xxx an English speaking driver from Namaste India Tours will meet you at the exit of the arrivals hall in Delhi with your name on a placard. (Yes, he'll be there if you're plane is delayed. Yes, he expects you'll need to change money before you leave the arrivals hall.) He'll help you load your luggage in to a Ambassador or Indigo and take you to the hotel of YOUR choice. (No, that's not per person. It's per car.) There is no night time surcharge, no extra charge for luggage, no driving around in circles listening to how your hotel burned down the night before. Is there a cheaper way to get to your hotel? Of course.

How can you be sure this isn't a scam?
Read on, oh suspicious one........

Since you pay nothing in advance, the risk is really ours. If we confirm a booking with a driver, we have to pay the driver whether you show up or not. You pay the driver only after you have arrived at your destination. (Our airport drivers are not allowed to suggest hotels, so no need to worry about ulterior motives.) You don't have to share anything with us except your flight number and date and time of arrival. We need a name to put on the placard so we can find each other, but you can use a fake name if you want to. Actually, that's not a good idea. But you get our point. All arrangements are made by e-mail and we don't share our mailing list with anyone. If and when you confirm a service, we provide complete contact instructions including home, office and mobile phones in case you have any problem on arrival.

Want to make a reservation?
Just e-mail us at, a minimum of two weeks in advance of your journey.

Tell us exactly when you are coming, and we will see if we have a driver available. We'll be happy to correspond with you well in advance, but we cannot make a confirmation for a car or van until your ticket to India is confirmed. (We need two weeks advance notice, preferrably more.) We love to give advice about travel in India, but if we give suggestions about what to do in Delhi, you are just going to think we're trying to get more rupees out of you, aren't you?

Trust us to take care of a hotel for you as well??
Or at least drive you around Delhi on your first day to see the sights? Click here. No here.

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Where did I start? Travel at your own pace. The very best option on arrival. Rs 700 for the day. Email us for reservations.