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We serve as a clearing house for information. You travel at your own risk. We strongly encourage traveler's insurance no matter where in the world you plan to go or whether you use our service or not. (See link on Travel Tips page.) Our drivers act as independent contractors and maintain appropriate insurance on their cars. You can ask to see proof of insurance. We haven't raised our prices--the rupee is weaker than it was four years ago. You agree not to hold us responsible for the condition of the roads in India. If you insist on staying in a 100 rupee room, you can't complain if it smells bad. We pride ourselves on our customer service. In the unlikely event that you have a problem with a driver, phone us or email us at the earliest possible moment. We are not responsible for the weather. We can't take credit cards. Monument prices change. Delays are inevitable. Diesel vehicles are no longer allowed in Delhi. Our vehicles aren't diesel. My lawyer doesn't think this page is funny.


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India was WONDERFUL!!! :) In all of my travels, I've never been to such an AMAZING place, and can't wait to get back there!!!! It was my first trip, so I didn't know anything about taxis, hotels, etc., and I was glad to have Jawahar there to pick me up and get me into town. He was a nice fellow, very friendly, very helpful. Please send him my best. Many thanks to you for putting it all together for me..... Perhaps I'll just bring a friend along next time to help split the cost!!! Many thanks to both of you, and I wish you continued health, happiness, and success. Take care.
Thomas Huston"

"Dear Lu Ann and Jawahar
I am shortly back home after the trip and my impressions from India are the best I have had. I hope so much to come back and stay longer but it will take a while to get the money I need for it. Thank you very much for your service, it was a relief to be picked up at the airport that first day.
Best wishes.
Oksana" (Airport transfer)

"...The trip was PERFECT tho the driving in India is EXHAUSTING and I wish I had run around less--but what would I have wanted to miss?--nothing. Every day, every place, has been more amazing than the next."

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