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Well, some people get a second job, some borrow money from their parents, some people save for years and years...oh, wait, you meant how do you pay Namaste India Tours........

We do not require any payment in advance of your arrival in India. Hard to believe, we know. We've been doing business this way from the start, and we rarely get taken advantage of. We operate on the honor system and we assume our clients will too.**


We quote in rupees, only. You may pay cash in any currency at the rate of exchange current for the day that you make payment in Delhi. We accept credit cards IF the cost of your services is at least Rs 5,000. There is no fee if you pay by credit card in your own currency. There is a 5% fee if you pay by credit card in Indian rupees. If you are departing on your trip directly from the airport, without coming in to Delhi, then you must pay with cash only. Regardless of the method of payment, you must pay the price agreed upon in your Confirmation fo Services in full before departing Delhi with our car and driver.

Need a currency converter? See this.

We come to you. We do not make clients take time out of their itinerary to come to any office. We have not operated out of a storefront for many, many years. Jawahar will review your itinerary with you, answer questions, and then you can make payment. (Yes, of course you will get a receipt.) We also try not to make clients do monetary transactions when they have just gotten off a long international flight. So this meeting usually takes place sometime during your first full day in Delhi.

So, let's review: you've been met at the airport, transfered into town and spent the night in a hotel and you still haven't paid a penny/rupee.

We DO require payment in advance before you leave Delhi with one of our cars and the driver. You may be able to find a company that doesn't, but we do. This is true whether you are purchasing our standard Rajasthan tours or just hiring a car and driver from Namaste India Tours. By the time we are ready to confirm your India travel plans, if you aren't comfortable enough with us to pay us in full before you leave Delhi, then we are not the travel agency for you. Remember, we never ask for any money in advance of your arrival in Delhi no matter how complicated our services for you may be or how much time we have spent emailing back and forth.

Car and driver hire always includes all fuel, border taxes, road tolls, parking fees and the driver's food and accommodation.

"But what are your hidden fees?"

If we told you, then they wouldn't be hidden anymore!! Just kidding. Car and driver hire with Namaste India Tours always includes all fuel, border taxes, road tolls, parking fees and the driver's food and accommodation. If we are handling your hotels, then your price includes your hotels. If you are purchasing the standard or upgraded Rajasthan or Golden Circuit tours, then it includes everything specified in the itinerary. Your price does not include a tip to the driver. That is between you and your driver. A typical tip is between Rs 700 and Rs 1000 per day, paid directly to the driver at the end of your trip. (If you are only using our driver for local services around Delhi, then a typical tip is around Rs 500 each day.)

"Does this price include taxes ?"

What taxes? Border taxes? Yes. Hotel taxes? Yes. Luxury taxes? Yes. Service Taxes? Fancy new totally un-understandable GST taxes? Yes. You'll see the GST amount on your quote. It is 5%. If you enjoy headaches, you can read about the GST tax here.

"I want to pay cash. Are there ATMs?"

Yes, of course we have ATMs. Your driver can take you to an ATM. Generally, with one credit/debit card you can withdraw Rs.10,000 (only) in one day. Your driver can take you to muliple ATMS if necessary.

"But now that I've paid you, what if I am unhappy?"

We can't guarantee that you'll be happy in India. Heck, some people aren't even happy in their own home. We can guarantee that will do our best to assure you a pleasant journey.

Clients of Namaste India tours are expected to call us on our mobile or home phones should they encounter any difficulty upon arrival in Delhi OR AT ANY TIME DURING OUR SERVICE. Do us this courtesy, and there is hardly any problem we cannot solve. Complete contact instructions are always included in our Confirmation for Services that you receive once you decide to book with us, including.

"Aren't I expected to bargain for services in India? "

Well, probably you aren't in India. You are sitting in front of your computer at home, or (more likely!!) at your office. We only have one price, and yes, it is our best price. It is the same price whether you are young or old, Indian or Moravian, a doctorate or a drop-out, a travel writer or a scrap-booker. To infer that there is room for negotiation infers that the price is padded for just that occasion. We don't play that game. If you love to bargain, you'll have plenty of other opportunities during your trip....just not with Namaste India Tours.

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More information about our cars.

Ready to make a reservation? Don't forget to provide your arrival date and TIME and your departure date and TIME. Please. Thank you.

**OK.OK. There is one exception now. If your package includes Four Star Western chain properties (our clients RARELY require us to book Four Star properties) then we WILL require a 50% deposit at time of confirmation. Should you decide to cancel and tell us at least one month in advance, you will receive half your deposit back. If you cancel less than 30 days before your trip there wil be NO refund. If you require Four Star properties or higher, we advise booking and paying for your own hotels online, and just letting us do car and driver services for you. It is more economical for you, and safer for us. Unlike WALL STREET we operate our business within our means and do not unwiserly over extend ourselves. And so we survive.

Get me outta here! Bumping along those Indian roads.... Avoid the feeding frenzy at the airport... Make a reservation. Free advice!